The winner is you

Make up your mind — right now, today — that YES is in your future!

Our thoughts are powerful, so choose to think yes rather than no, big rather than small.  Be determined to live life on another level. Stop thinking that you can’t, start believing you can.  Have a different response to things and people. Take 5 or 10 minutes every morning, as soon as you wake, to make a choice as to what the day will bring.

Make up your mind that you’re in it to win it.

Yes, there will be challenges to getting that door open.

Keep moving.

Just because a few doors close, don’t quit.  Make up your mind to expect new levels of goodness, make your mind up to be confident, make up your mind to be kind, make up your mind to have a winning spirit, make up your mind to overcome the addiction, make up your mind to lose the weight, make up your mind to accomplish your dream.

Remember, setbacks are not a waste. Make up your mind to use the experience to learn and grow, and be determined to live on another level.

Five Keys to a Winning Belief System

  1. Examine your thoughts, and shed those that are negative.
  2. Get your mouth in line with the changes you desire in your life – your words decide your future. Begin to hold your desires in positive, present tense thoughts, such as “I am healthy, I am happily married, I am successful.”
  3. Think like a winner on every level – “I am a winning secretary, a winning mother, a winning husband.”
  4. Be willing to make minor adjustments to align yourself to a Winning Spirit.
  5. Use what you have – the power to be great is within you. Allow yourself to accept the gift of yourself.

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