Image of woman racing to the finish line

To have the victory, you must see yourself at the finish line.  Each of the athletes at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro ran for the gold in their particular event. They saw themselves at the finish line before they arrived in Brazil.  They set their sights on what it looks like to win.  You too must see the victory and visualize that everything will fall in line with what your mind sees.  Paint the picture or image of your hope.  Keep the picture of the finish line in your mind until you are there, whatever you are hoping for in your life.

As long as you grab hold of the image and use it as the blueprint for the journey while believing it will happen, you will make it across the finish line for the victory to which you aspire.


Five Keys to Seeing Yourself at the Finish Line:

  1. Trust and open your mind to believe you can make it.
  2. Wear the helmet of hope and faith.
  3. Visualize the landing while going through the chaos.
  4. Imagine what it looks like once you reach the finish line.
  5. Press toward the goal of victory.

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