You are more than capable.

Are you missing the chance to take yourself to the next level of victory? Are you thinking of your goals, then telling yourself, it probably won’t happen… they’ve already decided who to hire… I’ll only be rejected… I can’t…  ? Are you missing your chance at victory because you’re paralyzed with thoughts of what if… ?

Giving life to uncertainties, unknowns, and false limitations won’t get you the new job, college degree, promotion, sales contract or  mentor you desire – or any other goal you have set for yourself. Wishing on a star won’t, either.  A Winning Spirit, prayer, and the subsequent appropriate action will get you there. Act as if your WIN is a guarantee, and it has already been delivered. Have complete faith that your goals, dreams, and vision will happen.

Be willing to change the course and shift gears on self-doubt by going for it and following a new level of performance achievement and behaviors. Make a commitment to take a risk for and on yourself. Plan. Prepare. Then, go for it. Successful people blaze new trails and take meaningful risks.

Right now,  today, make the decision to take it to the next level by believing in yourself – by holding yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody else expects of you. Then do it again tomorrow.

You Are More than Capable!

Five Steps for Risking Believing in Yourself:

  1. Say YES to yourself even when others doubt your ability.
  2. Don’t accept the status Quo. If you wait until you feel you are “ready,” it will never happen.
  3. Keep a fresh perspective on who you are. Stay up-to-date on your expertise, and know your stuff.
  4. Stay positive, and pray daily, even when times are tough. Prayer is a positive, constant shield.
  5. Know that you have already won!


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