“Commit to taking clear actions and making hard decisions in 2017.”
-Dr. Lisa L. Wicker

How many times have you said or thought, “If I could have done… If I would have had… everything would be different”?

How many times have you heard others make similar statements?

Given the coming changes to the global economy and how the emerging nations will affect our entire world’s economic future, none of us can leave to chance where we might be a year from now. We owe it to ourselves to have a plan, work the plan, and leave no stone uncovered. Those who wait “to see what happens” end up at the back of the line. The ones at the front of the line are in the arena for the win.

Be one of them.

Commit, right now, to being the one who will have no need to carry “could have/would have” thoughts when 2017 draws to a close.

Commit, right now, to make 2017 the year you take clear actions and resolve the hard decisions in your personal, spiritual or business life.

Successful people plan. Successful people prepare and take action, connecting the dots so their words and deeds line up for a specific outcome. Whether you desire a new job, a new home, closer family relationships, spiritual growth or financial growth, this is the time to confirm your priorities. This is the time to appropriate the realistic initiatives you need to accomplish your goals, and act upon the plan, making sure your steps are results-oriented.

Five Keys to Switching the Channel:

  1. Commit your vision to paper, and make a plan. Check each step off as it is accomplished.
  2. Be honest with yourself about what is possible and realistic.
  3. Develop a mind of expectancy for your desires and plans to come forth.
  4. Make room in your life for the people, places, and things that matter.
  5. Make the hard decisions, asking for God’s help and direction in every situation.

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