Listening to critics is like running with chickens—and chickens just aren’t worthy of your time and energy.

Those who criticize for the sake of holding you down are small minded. They mean you no good and should not be in your circle. Their words are only distractions. They strut around, like chickens in the yard, doing little else but pecking at the dust. Shake them off.

Pay no mind to those who are small and insecure, and want you to feel the same.

It’s not worth your time and energy to try to win them over.

Set your mind and keep it set to know that you are capable, valuable, and worthy of living triumphantly.

You are called to do great things.  Eliminate wrong thoughts, and stop running with chickens.

Five Keys to Shake off Chickens:

  1. Create a fresh mental state daily.
  2. Renew your mind to positive affirmations.
  3. Encourage someone else.
  4. Pray for renewed strength each day.
  5. Live triumphantly.

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