Elevate Your Game

Elevate Your Game

The greatest power you have is the power of choice. Choose excellence to elevate your game. Good is never enough. Why settle for good when excellence is within your reach?

The key to elevating your game is understanding the difference between good, better and excellent. Excellence will raise the bar every time, because it requires us to stretch beyond our perceived limits to compete at higher levels and create long term value. Excellence requires us to be persistent in going the distance for uncommon performance.

Elevating your game requires a different move. It requires breaking out of the rut and setting a higher standard.

We accept “average” growth because we are comfortable with reasonable performance gains. Many people focus on modest gains in the present moment, dealing with pressing problems and attempting to gain the most immediate benefits. If the things you’re doing have quit working, stop doing them the same way. Look for an approach that raises the bar, characterized by excellence. The reward will be so much more.

Five keys to Elevating Your Game

  1. Have a focused mindset.
  2. Don’t wait until conditions are perfect to change your approach.
  3. Get uncomfortable to distinguish yourself.
  4. Raise the bar and play to your strengths.
  5. Remove anything that clouds your vision of excellence.

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