Complete Your Mission: Never Give Up


If you are like most people, you eagerly await the day your dreams, desires and goals become reality. You set your sights to the future, work to achieve your goal, then watch and wait, wait and watch, believing your dream will soon show up in your life.

Sometimes it does, but when your dream doesn’t come within your expected time frame, you might begin to lose faith, go in a different direction, or even give up altogether. Delays drain our enthusiasm and negatively affect our winning spirit.

Today, regardless of the delay, challenge yourself to complete your mission and to never give up! Don’t become distracted or quit – be like the farmer, who plants his seed and knows that the fruit will come in its own time and season.

Be persistent but patient in your desire and your faith. You will achieve your mission, and the reward will be great.

When you don’t see immediate results, remember to stand firm, have patience, re-energize, and keep seeking.

Five Keys to Completing your Mission

1.  Help someone else while you’re waiting for your reward.
2.  Don’t be distracted by the world around you. Stay focused.
3.  Pray for confidence, boldness, and a humble spirit.
4.  Stay encouraged – don’t stop because of a delay.
5.  Be patient, and stay determined to reach your goal.

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