Employ Endurance During the Test

May 2016

You may think you have stood as long and as strong as you can in the face of challenging times. You may feel you are unable to endure any longer. Now is not the time to wimp out—you may be closer than you realize to reaching your goal. History is full of tales of those who stopped, those who gave up, just steps away from great achievement. This is not the time to question the wisdom of your path, but the very moment in which to persist.

  • Endurance is a measure of your stamina and strength.
  • Strength is the catalyst to power.
  • Power is the catalyst to change.
  • Change opens the door to that which is next.
  • That which is next will be your expected reward.

What may seem an insurmountable test can be met head-on with endurance. This is the stuff great character is made of—the characteristic of a winner. When you think and act with endurance and positive expectation, greatness will manifest for you. Remember, testing is but for a little while. Pass the test. Stand strong. Expect to win. Endure!

Five Keys to Endurance

  1. Don’t employ worry and anxiety. Be anxious for nothing.
  2. Pray for unshakeable peace and strength during the test.
  3. Be thankful daily for your walk through the test.
  4. Stay focused on your expectation to win.
  5. Encourage someone else along the way—it will minimize your needs.

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