Step Into a Season of Power


Those who are confident right now know that spirit determines the quality of our lives. Spirit determines who you are, what you can do, and what you can have. A positive spirit of confidence will carry you through to your next level of Power.

Do not compromise, no matter how things appear. Just as the farmer plans for his harvest by putting a seed in the ground, you must sow a seed of confidence and belief. Nothing is reproduced without a seed and the nurturing of that seed until it is harvested.

Have you noticed that people living life to the fullest have planted the seed of a positive, winning attitude even in the midst of the storm?

Decide today that this season you will not compromise your belief in being your best in every situation. Plant the seed, then believe in advance that the desires and needs you have will be met with a full harvest, and nothing less.

5 Keys to a Season of Power:

  1. Plan for the season’s arrival.
  2. Plant the seed and nurture it.
  3. Have confidence knowing that it will arrive.
  4. Do not compromise your plan with doubt.
  5. Pray about the harvest and give thanks while waiting.


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