Visualize Your Success


Have DEFINITE results in mind

In order to succeed, you must see yourself as successful. Quantum physics studies have proven that the computer in our brain cannot tell the difference between what we see with our eyes and what we see with our imagination. That is why visualization, coupled with belief, is a remarkable tool. Applying it on a regular basis will literally change your mind, and over time, your lives.

Years ago I decided to stop smoking. I worried about what I would do when I wasn’t smoking. Then I got hung up on worrying about everything involved in getting to where I wanted to be.

Finally, my mind let go of how to stop smoking and went to the picture of what I wanted to accomplish. I didn’t struggle with the answers I thought I needed to make it happen. I just focused on the end. When I had a definite mental image of the outcome I wanted, I threw my pack of cigarettes away. That was the last time I smoked – some 40 years ago.


  • Be specific in your goal, such as, “By July 10, I will earn an extra $5,000.” A definite mental image of your goal and complete faith that it is yours is critical to your success.
  • Be realistic in your time frame and open to your goal’s appearance to be different than what you define. If you visualize yourself holding a check for $5,000, be open to that amount coming to you in smaller chunks over time.
  • Draw a picture of your goal, or find an image in a magazine that represents your goal. Tape it to places in your home or office where you will see it repeatedly throughout the day.
  • Every morning and each evening, just before you retire, go to a quiet place, close your eyes, and relax completely. Invest at least five minutes visualizing your goal as already happening. See yourself enjoying the benefits. Make it real in your mind.
  • If doubts crowd in, close your eyes and take a deep breath. As you exhale, immediately fill your mind with the image of your goal.

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