Maintain Your Focus


You have POWER over your thoughts.

Having a vision keeps you on track. Here is an Olympic story that says it all:

Speed skater Dan Jansen was known as the best in the world. Year after year, he set world records that everyone else found impossible to beat. But despite showing his best during practice or at the world championships, Jansen couldn’t pull off a winning performance in the Olympic Games. He wanted that gold medal most of all.

He didn’t win a medal at the 1988 Games, or the 1992 Games. At the Winter Games of 1994 in Norway, Jansen fell during the 500-meter race. It seemed he was fated to lose again. Then came the 1000-meter race, a major challenge because Jansen had difficulty maintaining his concentration during this long race. But in 1994, Jansen stayed focused. “I wanted to win,” he said. “So I just said to myself, ‘skate! Just skate!'”

Jansen skated. He won the gold medal – and the world went wild.


  • Stop multi-tasking. Psychological studies show that multi-tasking decreases efficiency by 40 percent or more when tasks require concentration. Do one thing completely before you move on to the next task.
  • Take a break. Have you noticed how answers that seemed out of reach come to you when you are in the shower, or walking to the lunch room? Stepping away from an issue gives your mind space to function without being forced.
  • Schedule planning time. Invest a few minutes each morning in outlining your top three goals for the day; then schedule time for them. Reaching your goals means making them a priority.
  • Give time in your day to all three aspects of your being – body, mind, and spirit. A 14-hour work day will deplete your body, overtax your mind and destroy your spirit.
  • Manage your availability. Ignore your email and turn off your phone for a short time each day. Use that block of time to invest yourself fully in your chosen task.

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